Exclusive Peace of Mind Member Benefit: Annual Luncheon

On July 28, members of our Peace of Mind (POM) program joined partners, Vincent J. Russo and Deanna M. Eble at the Milleridge Inn for our annual POM luncheon.  During our POM client appreciation event, Mr. Russo discussed changes under the Trump administration as well as probable changes in law that will affect older Americans and those… Read More »

What is the Difference Between Per Stirpes and Per Capita?

Often we are asked by out clients to differentiate between “per stirpes” and “per capita”.  For this blog post, we would like to revisit a blog that explains the difference between the two: You may have heard or read the legal terms “by representation”, “per stirpes”, or “per capita” when researching estate planning. These terms may… Read More »

Does Your Spouse Share Your Goals for Retirement?

Couples in their 60s may be found discussing upcoming vacations, their children and potential home improvements.  However, there is one vital subject that is often ignored: their future retirement.  Failing to discuss important details of retirement such as, where and when you’ll both retire can cause serious financial and marital problems. In a 2015 fidelity… Read More »

Community Medicaid: Qualifying is Easier Than You Think!

In order to be eligible for Community (“at home”) Medicaid benefits, you must meet strict financial eligibility standards. One component of the financial eligibility standard is meeting resource eligibility.  To qualify for benefits, you must not have over $14,850 (2017) in “non-exempt” assets in your name. It is important to classify assets as either exempt… Read More »

Chaos In Washington, D.C., What’s Next?

On Wednesday, June 14, 2017 we had over 110 health care professionals join us at our 26th Annual Elder Law Conference for Health Care Professionals at The Fox Hollow in Woodbury, NY. Health care professionals were invited to join us for a comprehensive educational conference with the overarching theme, A Brave New World.  Attendees enjoyed… Read More »

The American Health Care Act Speculated to Reduce or Eliminate Services for Special Education Students

The federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) guarantees all children a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment.  IDEA requires that children with special needs receive individual educational plans that include specialized in-school and after school services specific to their needs.  Many schools rely on Medicaid to pay for the therapies included… Read More »