4 Reasons to Use an Elder Law Attorney for Medicaid Planning

As elder law attorneys, we meet with clients and help them create a plan for their future; many of these plans include planning for long-term care. We discuss options for long-term care—such as long-term care insurance, private pay, and Medicaid. For most seniors, obtaining Medicaid to pay for nursing home care or care at home… Read More »

Is a Pooled Income Trust Right for Me?

A pooled trust allows disabled individuals who are under age 65 to become financially eligible for public assistance, e.g. Medicaid, SSI, etc. This type of trust provides flexibility—allowing individuals to preserve their assets and monthly income necessary to pay for supplemental needs that are not covered by public assistance. There are various types of pooled… Read More »

Save the Date: 23rd Annual Theresa Awards!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Theresa who had a pink wheelchair. She had big brown eyes, fabulous pigtails, and the greatest smile on earth. Every day she would go to school in a small yellow bus. Theresa and her friends worked very hard in school, as good grades did not… Read More »

Do I Need a MOLST Form? Part 1

A MOLST (Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) form is a medical order form that tells healthcare providers a patient’s medical orders for life-sustaining treatment. The form includes medical orders and patient preferences regarding resuscitation instructions when the patient has no pulse or is not breathing (CPR order or DNR order); and it also includes orders… Read More »

Federal Agency Ignores Judge’s Medicare Ruling To Detriment Of Countless Elders In Nursing Homes

Russo Law Group, P.C. is pleased to share this article on behalf of guest author Jack Halpern. Jimmo v. Sebelius Settlement Agreement. For about 30 years, home health agencies and nursing homes that contract with Medicare have routinely terminated the Medicare coverage of a beneficiary who has stopped improving, even though nothing in the Medicare statute… Read More »

Protect Your Special Needs Child: Be Informed & Prepared

Parents of children with special needs will inevitably face the following question: Who is going to make health care and financial decisions for my child when I am unable to do so? Planning and preparing the appropriate documentation for children with special needs will ensure protection for your loved ones.

Joint Bank Accounts Offer No Protection From Medicaid

Many times when I meet with clients to discuss Medicaid, their children come along with them. One of the most frequent questions I get asked by children is, “Well, mom put me on her checking account, so half of that is protected because it’s a joint account, right?”

What Does it Take to be a Guardian?

There are three types of guardianship proceedings in New York State: Article 17 – Guardianship of minors. Article 17A – Guardianship of adult individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Article 81 – A mental hygiene proceeding for adults who had capacity at one point but have lost a certain level of capacity.