What Does it Take to be a Guardian?

There are three types of guardianship proceedings in New York State: Article 17 – Guardianship of minors. Article 17A – Guardianship of adult individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Article 81 – A mental hygiene proceeding for adults who had capacity at one point but have lost a certain level of capacity.

Tax Break for Long Island Seniors Not Renewed

On Long Island, a tax break affecting 35,000 Nassau County seniors was not renewed this year. Recently, Nassau County let a long-standing property tax abatement expire without any notice to the recipients of the abatement. Approximately 35,000 seniors, all earning less than $86,000 a year in income, were receiving approximately $200 a year in tax… Read More »


The Basics of Reporting a Sale of Real Property

Reporting the sale of real property could be either really complicated or relatively simple, depending on the facts and circumstances. The type of property will also impact the manner and type of taxes that need to be paid. There may also be different tax ramifications depending on who you are selling the real property to… Read More »

Family Comes First: Now at Your Fingertips!

If you loved watching the inspirational and resourceful two-time Telly Award winning show, Family Comes First™ this past season, you’ll be glad to know you can now watch your favorite episodes at your leisure. Vincent J. Russo and Victoria Roberts Drogin are proud to announce that Season 9 episodes of Family Comes First™ can now be viewed… Read More »

Have You Considered an Assisted Living Facility?

Assisted living facilities can often be an excellent option for a person who is interested in residing in a place where he or she can receive supervision or assistance with Activities of Daily Living, and where the resident is monitored to help assure his or her well being. Traditionally, assisted living facilities were funded or… Read More »

Family Comes First: Best of Season 9

This past season of Family Comes First™ has been inspirational and filled with stories that are heartwarming and moving. On this week’s show, The Best of Season 9, we will look back on the families and resources that moved us during this season.

Power of Attorney: A Crucial Estate Planning Document

The power of attorney is a crucial estate planning document—it allows a third party to step in and make important financial decisions for you, if you are no longer able to make those decisions for yourself. Having a properly executed comprehensive durable power of attorney can preclude the need for guardianship when it comes to your… Read More »

Family Comes First: Operation Babylift

Over the past nine seasons of Family Comes First™, we have been blessed to meet amazing individuals and families with extraordinary stories. Often on our show, we like to follow up with a former guest to update our viewers as to where they are now. On this brand new episode of Family Comes First™, “Operation Babylift,” we… Read More »