Family Comes First: Best of Season 10

This past season of Family Comes First™ has been inspirational and filled with stories of hardship and triumph. On this week’s show, “The Best of Season 10”, we will take look back on the families and valuable resources presented during this season. Our guests on these past 5 shows are so courageous.  They remind us that there… Read More »

Family Comes First: Fighting Addiction (Part Two)

Drug abuse and addiction is a chronic, compulsive, relapsing disorder that almost always requires formal treatment.  Drug overdoses have become the leading cause of death of Americans under age 50.  In 2016, 62,000 Americans died from overdoses.  By comparison, the figure was 4,000 in 1999. During this new episode of Family Comes First™, “Fighting Addiction… Read More »

Have You Selected Your Health Care Plan for 2018?

In March 2010, former President Barack Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (often referred to as the “Affordable Care Act” or sometimes “ACA”).  It has also been nicknamed as “Obamacare”.  The Affordable Care Act has three primary goals: Make affordable health insurance available to more people Expand the Medicaid program… Read More »

Family Comes First: Fighting Addiction (Part One)

In 2014, over 21 million Americans age 12 and older battled substance abuse. Tragically, only 1 in 10 with a substance abuse problem receives the help that they need.  There’s clearly a drug epidemic in this country.  Families are being devastated by the opioid and heroin addiction, but there is hope! On this brand new… Read More »

Family Comes First: In Sickness and In Health

We all respond differently to the loss of a loved one.  How does someone take a truly tragic situation and turn it into a lifelong crusade of good and of love? On this new episode of Family Comes First™, “In Sickness and in Health”, we hear about a love story that continues and inspires teenagers… Read More »

Amendment to the Minimum Wage Order for Home Care Aides Who Work a Shift of 24 Hours

Back in September, the home care industry’s business model was challenged.  Historically, home care agencies paid live-in home care aides as follows – 13 (of 24) hours for work 8 hours for sleep (5 which are uninterrupted), and 3 uninterrupted hours for meals. The NY State Appellate Division decided two cases on the issue of… Read More »

Family Comes First: Going for Gold

In today’s world, there’s often a stigma that the world of sports is closed to people with disabilities, but that is not the case.  There are many organizations that support athletes with disabilities, such as USA Volleyball. During this brand new episode of Family Comes First™, “Going for Gold”, we hear from Paralympic gold medalist,… Read More »

Were Your Covered Hours of Care Reduced After Switching from Guildnet to a New MLTC? You May Be Eligible to Have Your Hours Restored.

Back in November 2016, we reported that managed long term care provider, Guildnet was no longer providing Medicaid services in Nassau, Suffolk or Westchester County. Participants in Guildnet were left with transitioning to a new MLTC provider. In some cases, the participant was notified by the new MLTC that they would be receiving fewer hours… Read More »

Family Comes First: No Laughing Matter

Bullying happens far too often.   Oftentimes when someone, often a child, is perceived as different or weak, they can too often become a target for bullies.  While most bullying occurs in school and in the community when children gather, cyberbullying is also becoming more prevalent as cell phones and social media become more popular amongst… Read More »