Should You Disinherit a Family Member Because They are Receiving Some Kind of Government Benefits?

One of the most frustrating things as a Special Needs planning attorney is to have someone in my office doing planning and they tell me that they need to disinherit a family member because they are receiving some kind of government benefits.  Their mindset is that they are looking out for that loved one, but… Read More »

When is a gift not a gift?

As a planner, I sometimes hear things like: “I thought I could give my kids $10,000” “I’ll just sell my house to my children for $1” “Can I pay my grandson’s college tuition and not have to worry about Medicaid? “I will not give my daughter money to buy a car, I’ll just buy it… Read More »

Join Us For An Upcoming Seminar A Matter of Trust – How to Protect Your Home and Avoid Probate™ 

Join Us For An Upcoming Seminar  A Matter of Trust – How to Protect Your Home and Avoid Probate™ During this educational seminar we will address: – The Methods Used to Avoid Probate – How a Trust Can Protect Your Home When to Use an Irrevocable Trust Versus a Revocable Trust Tuesday, November 13, 2018 12:00-1:30 pm Alitalia Pizzeria… Read More »

What Happens If The Executor In My Will Dies First?

If the nominated Executor in your Last Will and Testament dies, then you should meet with an experienced estate planning attorney to review and possibly update your will to account for the loss. If you do not update your Will, then, upon your death, the court could appoint the successor executor(s) that are nominated in… Read More »

Four Steps to Help Avoid Intra-Family Conflict After Passing

Relationships are complicated.  Familial relationships can be more so complicated than any other relationship.  Conflicts can arise between spouses, siblings, generations, and in-laws.  Intra-family conflicts can occur where a family member is favored over others or is perceived to be favored over others.  A conflict can also occur where a family member who is named… Read More »

The Peace of Mind Program

Why we recommend the Peace of Mind Program to all our clients: The Peace of Mind Program [POM] is an ongoing maintenance program that provides a cost-effective way to ensure your plan is up to date and meets your goals. As time passes, your personal situations change as well as your finances and health. As… Read More »