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How Can a Crowdfunding Account Affect a Person on Medicaid and SSI?

How Can a Crowdfunding Account Affect a Person on Medicaid and SSI? by Marissa Kleiner

Over the past couple of years, when on social media, I have seen more and more crowdfunding and personal fundraising efforts. Crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter cut out the middleman of fundraising, allowing the person or organization in need to appeal directly to the general public.

In many cases, crowdfunding takes place when a family member or friend has a medical emergency and needs help with paying the bills. Unfortunately, many do not take into account other contributing factors or benefits some people may already be receiving. For example, if a crowdfunding site is established for a person with special needs who is receiving disability or medical benefits, negative repercussions can be seen.

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GuildNet Drop Out

What will come of Managed Long-Term Care Providers? That is the question many are asking today after New York State’s largest Medicaid Managed Long-Term Care Plan (MLTC), GuildNet, ceases to enroll members in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties.

The company announced this decision due to what they call, “calamitous state of reimbursement,” resulting in incurring “substantial deficits” to the program.

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