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Social Security 2022 Update

Social Security 2022 Update SOCIAL SECURITY 2022 UPDATE SSI FOR NYS RESIDENTS Individual $928/month Couple $1,365/month MAXIMUM TAXABLE EARNINGS Social Security (OASDI only)$147,000 QUARTER OF COVERAGE Earnings Required$1,510/quarter SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY THRESHOLD Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)   Non-Blind $1,350 Blind…

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The Trump Policy Analysis Group (TPAG) – Focusing on Older Americans and those with Special Needs

The Trump Policy Analysis Group (TPAG) [1]  has convened to consider probable changes in law that will affect older Americans and those with special needs. Initial TPAG focus is on entitlements, public benefits, tax, special needs planning, and veterans’ benefits. We…

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Organizational Apps That Help You Move & More!

Organizational Apps That Help You Move & More!Our practice produces many important documents for elderly clients. Clients may forget where these documents are located within their home, lose track of the documents’ location over the course of a move, or may pass on without sharing the actual documents (or their location) with their children, executor, or guardian.

There are a few smartphone apps that can assist individuals and families to keep track of important documents such as wills or advanced directives (healthcare proxy, etc.). This tool works in conjunction with the app’s ability to catalog the contents of entire homes. This umbrella function helps with ongoing organizational efforts as well as moving assistance.  

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