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Check Out These Past Episodes of Family Comes First

The Belmonte Family: Caring for the Elderly

The Belmonte family on Family Comes First - click to watch the videoWe’re throwing it back to Season 1 when we interviewed the Belmonte Family. The struggles this family experienced in 2008, still ring true for many families today.

What do you do when one of your elderly parents needs more help with their day-to-day life than a family can provide alone?

On this episode of Family Comes first, sponsored by the Russo Law Group, hear from Peter Belmonte – a baby-boomer who was juggling a job, his own family of four, his responsibilities to his mom who lives in the community, and his dad, who after a painful family decision, was placed in a nursing home. How did this family cope?

To watch “The Belmonte Family: Caring for the Elderly,” on the Catholic Faith Network, click the link below.

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The Waters Family: Aging in Place

The Waters family on Family Comes First - click to watch the videoOne of the most profound issues facing the sandwich generation is when your role as the child shifts and you now have to take care of your parents. More and more parents today are relying on their children for care as they age.

In this episode of Family Comes First, listen to Marta Waters’ story and how she manages to meet the needs of her aging relatives while also raising children at the same time – all under one roof.

Hear from experts at Catholic Health Services of Long Island and the Russo Law Group, Long Island’s signature elder law, special needs and estate planning law firm.

To watch “The Waters Family: Aging in Place,” on the Catholic Faith Network, click the link below.

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Special Update- Living with a Disability

Living with Disability episode video thumbnail - click to watch the videoDid you know that more than 61 million adults in the United States live with a disability?

On this special edition of Family Comes First, hear from past guests Gary Carpenter, Michael Amoruso, and Mark Haubner as they update us on their lives since their original episode aired.

To watch “Special Update- Living with a Disability,” on the Catholic Faith Network, click the link below.

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Family Comes First is Proudly Sponsored by

Russo Law Group

Vincent RussoVincent J. Russo, of Russo Law Group, P.C. brings over thirty years of professional experience to Family Comes First® as an attorney and an advocate for seniors and children and adults with special needs. He is an author, a teacher and has lectured locally and nationally.

Catholic Faith NetworkVincent is a featured contributor on the Catholic Faith Network’s new show CFN Live. Vincent is the show’s sole Legal Contributor. In his segment, entitled “In the Legal Know,” Vincent provides expert insight into legal matters including estate planning, elder law, and special needs planning.

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