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Daily Check-in with Vincent Week 28 & 29

Announcing New Videos Daily!

Please join Vincent during the week at 10 a.m. Est on Facebook for his three minute “Check in with Vincent” videos. On Wednesday’s, Vincent along with his partners at the Russo Law Group will focus on important legal matters.

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Check-ins with Vincent are available on Facebook, Instagram Youtube and LinkedIn.

“Check-in with Vincent”

October 1, 2020

The Right to Vote

Vincent is joined by Robert Russo today as they discuss the right to vote. Robert will explain the different ways in which we can vote. Watch today’s check in to learn more.

Song of the Day: “America – Simon and Garfunkel”

October 2, 2020

Mike and Myra Cooking

Vincent shares a cooking video from the Theresa Foundation. Meet Mike and Myra Gilfix, this year’s Theresa Award recipients. Watch today’s check-in as they show us how to make one of their favorite Berry Muffin Recipes from the Theresa Foundation’s “Angel Food” cookbook.

Song of the Day: “Coconut By Harry Nilsson”

October 5, 2020

NYS Medicaid Home Care

Vincent shares an update on the new draconian changes to the NYS Medicaid Home Care Laws. Watch now to learn how these changes can impact you.

Song of the Day: “Our House – Crosby & Stills & Nash & Young”

October 7, 2020

Selecting a Trustee

Vincent is joined today by Senior Partner, Marie Elena Puma, Esq. as they discuss the important role of a Trustee. Vincent asks the $64,000 question – Whom should I appoint as Trustee? Watch today’s check-in for the answer.

Song of the Day: “Bill Withers – Lean On Me”

October 9, 2020


Today Vincent shares some of his favorite Beatle songs in memory for John Lennon’s 80th Birthday.

Song of the Day: “John Lennon – Imagine”

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