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Daily Check-in with Vincent Week 37 & 38

Announcing New Videos Daily!

Please join Vincent during the week at 10 a.m. Est on Facebook for his three minute “Check in with Vincent” videos. On Wednesday’s, Vincent along with his partners at the Russo Law Group will focus on important legal matters.

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Check-ins with Vincent are available on Facebook, Instagram Youtube and LinkedIn.

“Check-in with Vincent”

December 1, 2020

The Streak Ends

Today Vincent recalls his 248-day streak, since March 28th of 2020, a little over 8 months ago he started walking 4.2 miles each day, 10k steps. This has now come to an end as he went for a PRP injection that now has his foot in a boot. This makes it hard to reach his walking goal. He goes on to share others who had remarkable streaks in sports. He will have to come up with a new streak but until then, perhaps this boot is made for walking.

Song of the Day: These Boots are Made for Walking

December 3, 2020

Sellers: Three Mistakes to Avoid

Vincent is joined today by Associate, Josh Berzak who handles real estate in our office. They discuss the real estate market on Long Island. Josh shares the top three mistakes to avoid when selling your home. Watch today’s Check-In to learn more.

Song of the Day: Burning Down the House – Talking Heads

December 9, 2020

John the Sailor

Vincent remembers the anniversary of John Lennon’s passing and discusses The Dakota Winters by John Barbash.

Song of the Day: Starting Over (just Like) – John Lennon

December 11, 2020

Decorating for the Holiday

In this Check-In, Vincent shows his progress with his holiday decorations. He wishes those who celebrate, a Happy Hanukkah! Enjoy quality time with your family during this holiday season.

Song of the Day: Hanukkah – Adam Sandler

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