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Daily Check-in with Vincent Week 6

Announcing New Videos Daily!

Vincent J. Russo is thrilled to announce his online social series of Daily Check-In videos!

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Daily Check-in with Vincent are available on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

“Daily Check-in with Vincent”

Day 36 – April 27, 2020

Kids and COVID-19

Today, Vincent talks about the Sesame Street Town Hall on CNN where they taught children the ABC’s of COVID-19.
He shares some idea of fun things to do with children during this pandemic.

Song of the Day: “All Together Now”

Day 37 – April 28, 2020

Who takes care of Dad’s Finances?

Vincent shares a case study of a family dealing with a member in the hospital. He discusses the options you have available when setting up a Durable Power of Attorney.

Song of the Day: ” We Can Work it Out”

Day 38 – April 29, 2020

Susan Russo cooking with Spirit

Today, Vincent shares a cooking video of a Zucchini recipe from the Cooking with Spirit cookbook from the Theresa Foundation.

Song of the Day: “Cry Baby Cry”

Day 39 – April 30, 2020

Parenting During COVID-19

Vincent is joined by Elizabeth Einhart through a Zoom Chat to discuss parenting tips during this pandemic.

Song of the Day: “Dear Prudence”

Day 40 – May 1, 2020

Mind Games

The first day of May is here. Vincent shares some of his favorite games and puzzles. Take a look at the photo online where you have to pick out 39 Beatles songs. Let us know how you did on the puzzle.

Song of the Day: “Mind Games”

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