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Daily Check-in with Vincent Week 9

Announcing New Videos Daily!

Vincent J. Russo is thrilled to announce his online social series of Daily Check-In videos!

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Daily Check-in with Vincent are available on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

“Daily Check-in with Vincent”

Day 57 – May 18, 2020

Just Another Day

Today, Vincent thanks the all of the front line worker especially the ones at South Nassau that helped his brother with an emergence surgery.
Also, as we stay home, we need to make sure we take care of our mental health. He offers a several tips to help.

Song of the Day: “Another Day”

Day 58 – May 19, 2020

Voting in 2020

Back by popular demand, Vincent is joined by Robert Russo as they discuss the elections. As the coronavirus has kept us home bound the option of an Absentee Ballots are available and they review the pros and cons.

Song of the Day: “Times They Are a Changin'”

Day 59 – May 20, 2020

Pancakes, Secret Sauce, and Savoy Truffle

Vincent is back in the kitchen. He recaps the Theresa Foundation’s video where he made pancakes. His shares with us some tips to making them. He moves on to making a Secret Sauce.

Song of the Day: “Savoy Truffle”

Day 60 – May 21, 2020

Steppin’ Out

Vincent talks about inheriting assets and the tax consequences. He provides an example to help you better understand these situations.

Song of the Day: “Steppin’ Out”

Day 61- May 22, 2020

Coffee is a Hug in a Mug

Vincent shows off his mug collection. Each mug brings a story that he shares their origins.
He also gives a shout out to his son Robert Russo for his birthday.

Song of the Day: “Birthday”

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