Season 1

The Belmonte Family: Caring for the Elderly

Peter Belmonte, a baby-boomer, is juggling a job, his own family of four, his responsibilities to his Mom who lives in the community, and his Father, who after a painful family decision, is in a nursing home. How does this family cope? Our very own co-host, Vincent J. Russo speaks to viewers about the importance of planning.

The Richmond Family: Caring for a Loved one with Alzheimer’s

Gloria’s story about her husband, David, is heart-warming and heart-breaking, emotions not unknown to those who suffer silently through the effects of Alzheimer’s on a loved one. What are her emotions, experiences, support system? Ms. MaryAnn Malach-Ragona, Executive Director and CEO, Alzhiemer’s Association, Long Island shares information,resources and the latest news in research for treatment with viewers.

The English Family: Transitioning into Adulthood (Special Needs)

How many single mothers are out there like Monique English whose heart is bursting with joy because her twenty-one-year-old daughter, Kiara, is graduating? Kiara is graduating from the Children’s Learning Center at United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County (UCPN), Roosevelt, Long Island, where she has been a student since the age of three. Monique tells their story and Mr. Kurt Murgo of UCPN offers viewers advice and information about resources.

The Haubner Family: Living with Osteoarthritis

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Mark Haubner, who was severely-challenged by osteoarthritis at the age of forty-four, shares his story, his family and his advice for living with arthritis. Mr. Pat McAsey and Ms. Pat Brasley from the Arthritis Foundation, Long Island Chapter share insights, resources and news on the latest in treatment.

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