Season 2

The Mooney Family: Children with Special Needs

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Norman and Ruth MooneyT, both incredibly talented artists, have been touched by a child with special needs. Their son Rian, the oldest of three children, was born with cerebral palsy. The Mooney’s are extremely dedicated and determined individuals who tirelessly support and champion Rian’s life. Learn about how this family copes, how they found the resources they need and more.

The Page Family: Surviving the Holocaust

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Eric and Hedy Page were children when Hitler began to gain power in Europe. Hedy’s family was among the small number of fortunate and brave Jews that were able to flee Europe. Eric and his family were not able to flee and his family met personal tragedy. How did they meet? What is their family like today? What was it like for their children to learn about the Holocaust in school while having survivors as parents? What are some suggested resources for your family?

The Amoruso Family: Living & Working with a Disability

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Michael Amoruso is a successful lawyer, practicing elder law, special needs, and estate planning and is someone who truly defines the word inspiration. He suffers from Usher Syndrome Type 2, lives with two hearing aids and a degenerative vision problem in which he will eventually lose all of his sight completely. Choosing to view himself as “differently-abled,” Michael has soared above the expectations and predictions of many doctors and teachers. With the love and support of his family and Canine Companions, Michael continues to win.

The Noone and DiMicelli Families: Adoption Options

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to have children and adoption is a wonderful option that brings people yearning to be parents together with babies in need of a loving home. The process however can be daunting. Meet Lana Noone and Cynthia DiMicelli. Lana, and her late husband Byron, served as pioneers of international adoption on Long Island in the late 1970’s. Cynthia, now an adoption consultant, and her husband Dominic adopted domestically after having one son biologically and being unable to conceive again. Explore with them the options and resources available to help make sense of these important decisions.

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