Season 7

Caregiving – A Modern Dilemma

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Many of us face the issue of caring for our parents or a loved one as they age. There are so many decisions that have to be made. Among these difficult decisions is whether the best care for your loved one will be provided at home or in a nursing home.

Joining us on this episode of Family Comes First is Nick Delillo.  Nick shares his passion and mission to provide care for his mother at home rather than in a nursing home.  He feels there is a certain level of comfort that is maintained by remaining at home, and that moving her elsewhere would be too overwhelming for her. The reality is, however, that there is a high cost of care in New York. Nick shares how his artwork supplement his mother’s income by painting to care for her.

A Legacy of Inclusion

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For more than 100 years, the Girl Scouts has remained steadfast in its mission to help girls build courage, confidence, and character, and go on to make the world a better place. Many women can relate to a time in their childhood when they wanted to join a local Girl Scout troop.

We visit with Girl Scout troop leader, Edith, and her daughter, Linda. Edith shares her motivation to start a Girl Scout troop for girls like her daughter, who has special needs. Using her Special Ed background, Edith helps troop members succeed by taking an activity and breaking it down so it’s easier for the young girls to achieve. Edith is a role model for parents everywhere.

Messages from the Heart

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Every day, our troops put their lives on the line to serve and protect our great country. These men and women fight for our freedom yet ask for nothing in return. There are however, ways that we can show support, love and gratitude to our troops overseas.

During this episode of Family Comes First, we meet with Emily who joins us to share the heartwarming mission of her organization. Emily became actively involved in the military community after her husband was deployed to Afghanistan just 3 months after their wedding in 2012. Her mission is to connect the community to our soldiers and extend the same love & appreciation to not only her husband and his unit, but to as many soldiers as possible for their work, sacrifice and courage.

Heartillery Group collects cards and items for care packages from all over the world to show love and gratitude to soldiers. These cards and care packages help to boost the soldiers’ spirits when they are missing home.

Military Moms

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Often when veterans come home from serving overseas, they face many challenges including:

  • where to live;
  • where to work; and
  • how to readjust to civilian life.

When people think of military service, they often think of the men in our armed forces, but what about the women serving?

During this episode we explore the complex and unique challenges that our female veterans face when they return home.

Walking Together – Hand in Hand

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We often hear stories of people who live in underdeveloped countries and the daily struggles they face due to scarce resources. Often times, these countries lack the means to have proper schools, hospitals and help to properly care for their occupants.

In this episode, we meet with Richard Costa, the Campus Minister at St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School and Father Robert Ketcham, Chaplain at St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School. They share with us their school’s mission to help the children of Lima, Peru. Together, some students of the school along with Richard Costa and Father Robert Ketcham visit the Villa la Paz Foundation, center for destitute and sick children once a year to provide companionship to the children in the underdeveloped city of Lima, Peru. While in Peru, they also take the children to doctors’ visits, therapy visits and hospital visits that they could not typically get to otherwise.

The Pages of Life

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During this episode, we are pleased to reacquaint you with Eric, Hedy and Jo Anne Page. We first met with the Pages back in 2009. Eric and Hedy are both Holocaust survivors who came to America after living through such a dark and terrifying time. They shared with us their bright perspective on life and how they found the strength to persevere.

During the show in 2009, Eric had shared “…If I discriminate to people just because of a nationality or color, I would be just as low as they were. Nobody will get me down to that level.” Being in a concentration camp and living through such a horrifying time can understandably make someone angry and bitter. Instead, during this update, Eric and Hedy share how their experiences have lead them to volunteer with the Fortune Society along with their daughter, Jo Anne (who is the Executive Director).  They are uniquely qualified to share their inspiration and determination with prisoners. Eric points out that although no one cared about him when he was interned, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about these prisoners.

The Best of Season 7

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This past season of Family Comes First™ has been inspirational and filled with stories that are heartwarming and moving. During this show, The Best of Season 7, we will be taking a look back on the families and resources that moved us during this season.

Our guests on these past 6 shows are so courageous and committed to their missions. They remind us how important it is to give back and to always look at the glass as half full.


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