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Keep It Simple Workshops

Life moves quickly,

sometime we just

need to catch our breath.

Life is Complicated.

Life is Challenging.

Life can be so rich and rewarding when we smell the roses.

Life is Fun. Life is Fantastic.

Life is so much better when we have the support of family and friends.

Recently, our law firm embarked on our Keeping IT Simple workshops to help people organize their priorities and to set goals.

Wow, I did not expect such a positive response from those who attended. It reinforced the notion – we are all feeling overwhelmed and need to figure out how to protect ourselves by taking clearly defined steps.

Each step allows you to be one step closer to Peace of Mind.


None of that lawyer talk and complicated documents.

We will answer your questions.

Attendees will leave the workshop with their own personal action plan.

Protecting Assets and Preserving Your Personal Dignity is what it is all about.

Join us and remember KEEP IT SIMPLE.

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