So, the stimulus checks went out. Now what?

For those who received those funds, the hope was that you would be using the funds to help pay for things you need and in turn, that would help the economy.

What happens if you are on Medicaid?

What happens if you are in a nursing home or other facility and you are on Medicaid? Is that income part of your Net Available Monthly Income (NAMI) and due to the nursing home? The FTC says absolutely NOT!!

On May 15, 2020, Lois Greisman, Elder Justice Coordinator, FTC issued a statement saying, “According to the CARES Act, those economic impact payments are considered tax credits and tax credits don’t count as “resources” for federal benefits programs like Medicaid. That means that nursing homes and assisted living facilities can’t take that money from residents simply because the resident is on Medicaid.”

How to ensure you receive the stimulus payment

My suggestion would be that you contact your facility to inquire what they have done with the payment, if they received the payment directly. Those funds should go into your personal needs allowance account or your personal bank account. If you get the funds for your loved one, make sure that the billing over the past months does not reflect an additional payment of this stimulus payment.

In the end, many facilities may not realize that they were not entitled to those funds. You should have a conversation with the facility and if things don’t get resolved, contact your attorney general.

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