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Monthly Staff Update

The State of the Union address: An annual message delivered to Congress by the president of the United States, in which he describes the condition of the country, outlines the nation’s most serious problems and proposes his annual program of legislation.

Each January, Russo Law Group adopts this practice to help us look back on the past year but also to help us have a better focus on the New Year. The theme of this year’s event was “Empowerment.”

Friday, February 7th, our staff gathered together for a half-day event, which we called the State of the Union. During this event, we discussed, as a group, reflective questions to better understand each person’s view on the past and future success of Russo Law Group.

We welcomed New Staff; Diana, Kaite Ann, and Allison.


We also used this time to celebrate staff achievements.

Each year we award a Staff Person of the Year which is giving to a trailblazer who has excelled in the areas of leadership, development and participation and who is dedicated, not only to the firm, but to making an impact on the community and our clients.

We are proud to announce this year’s winner: Joshua Berzak!!!


We also celebrated our staff members who have been dedicated to the success of our POM Program!

Congratulations to Diana, Jacqueline, and Cathy!!!



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