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National Pet Month – May 2018

Did you read our blog post on Monday about Pet Trusts?

Did you know that about 80 million homes in America have an animal family member? And about half of those households have more than one?

Most pet owners think of their pet as a member of the family. With that, the staff of Russo Law Group would like to share some of their family members with you!


This is Darkness. 


She is 17 years old and very protective of her mother, Paula. She likes to hide and jump out and surprise you. The only problem is half the time she thinks she is hiding but you can still see her.





This is Ariel and Belle, they are both Coonhounds.

They are apart of the Bergeron Family. They like to chase squirrels, eat snacks and take long naps. Fun fact: both girls were named after Disney Princesses.









This is Zoey.  She is 12 years old. 

Zoey likes to go for long walks with the Evans family. She is a rescue and they think she is a border collie/rat terrier mix.

Fun Fact: Zoey can climb a ladder and side down a slide.  She has been caught doing this in the yard for fun when no one is watching.







This is Riley and Sofie.

Riley is 9 years old. She loves to bark at squirrels, eat meatballs and play fetch. She also loves to cuddle with her mom, Melanie.

Sofie is 7 years old and she loves eating bananas. She is a member of the Berzak Family.









This is Brady with his dog, Rex

Rex is 1.5 years old. He loves playing outside with the Eble Family. His favorite food is peanut butter.





This is Cheech.


He is 2 years old and loves going on his walks three times a day with his mom, Janet.








Learn more on here National Pet Month.


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