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Planning Tip of the Day: Lemons and Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!I love this mantra — Today, life comes with many challenges: health care, finances and family matters. Sometimes, you can’t control what happens.

At our law firm, we can help you to be as prepared as you can be by getting your legal house in order.

Back to the lemons….

My Planning Tip of the Day: If you are having a bad day – take a deep breath, think about what makes you happy and smile! Lean on us at my law firm for help or if you need advice.

This is just an example of my brand new radio spots that began airing today on Long Island’s WHLI-AM 1100 as Elder Law Minute and on KJOY-FM 98.3 as Planning For Tomorrow, Today segments.  Please tune in!

We will also begin posting these segments to this website. Be sure and listen to our other Planning for Tomorrow, Today segments in the Audio Resources section of our website. And check back for new podcasts and radio spots.

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