Elder Law

What Is Elder Law? Elder Law is the practice of specially-trained attorneys who can help you protect your protecting residence in the event of illness and dispose of your assets upon your demise, with a minimum of taxes and problems. Elder Law attorneys address long term care and POA needs of each individual based on his or Read More

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not only for the rich or the elite. If you have assets and own property, you have an estate and therefore you need to have a plan! Your estate is what you leave after you pass away. You want to control how it is done, who gets your property, and when. People Read More


One important value that people of all ages throughout our society hold (especially our seniors), is independence. Independence is engrained in our society and is arguably the one true common factor throughout our nation. But our definition of independence extends far beyond the broader concept of political self-governance to the desire for every individual to Read More

Medicaid Planning

What is Medicaid? Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that covers nursing home costs for people who meet both the financial and health eligibility requirements. Medicaid in New York covers long term care (custodial care) at home, in an assisted living facility (with restrictions), and in a nursing home. New York Medicaid Eligibility Read More

Special Needs Planning

How Does a Special Needs Attorney (a Disability Lawyer) Help With Special Needs Planning? Whether your loved one with special needs is an adult or a child born with special needs, we can help your family. This is the mission of a disability lawyer who is practicing special needs planning. At Russo Law Group, P.C., Read More

Trust & Estate Administration

Executors are responsible for: Gathering the Estate The Executor must identify and locate all of the decedent’s assets, such as Bank Accounts, CDs, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Pensions, Life Insurance Policies, Death Benefits and Safe Deposit Boxes (these must be opened and inventoried). Valuation of Assets Property such as Cash, Stocks, Bonds, Life Insurance, Real Read More

Business Succession Planning

In a recent study, an alarming statistic was given: only about a third of all family businesses successfully make the transition to the second generation and only 12% of businesses are still viable into the third generation. So much time, money and effort goes into building a successful family business, you should ensure proper planning Read More

Aid and Attendance

Long-term care, whether at home, in a nursing home, or an assisted living facility can be very costly. Many Veterans and their families are unaware of benefits they are entitled to through the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”). Aid and Attendance is probably the most common type of pension benefit offered through the VA. It Read More

Care Consulting

The Care Consultant is responsible for meeting with the client/family to assist in making life care decisions, with the goal of increasing the quality of life and independence for each individual. Care Consultant functions include: Early identification of individuals who have or may have special needs Assessment of an individual’s risk factors Home safety check Read More

Fiduciary Services

As the Trustee of a Trust, What Responsibilities Can we Manage for You? Being the trustee of a trust is a very important role as it serves to protect the interests of a beneficiary. The beneficiary may include an individual you are seeking to protect for various reasons. (See our list of trust indicators.) Often, Read More

Estate Planning for Snowbirds (Florida)

Snowbirds Snowbirds are typically retirees who split their living arrangements into two States, so as to avoid the cold weather during the winter months. Do I Need Estate Planning Documents in Both States? It is good practice to consult with an Estate Planning attorney who is familiar with the laws of both states that you Read More

Estate Planning for Second Marriages

One of the biggest concerns in estate planning for second marriages is making sure each spouse’s share of the estate ends up with the desired beneficiary. Traditional estate planning distributes an estate to the spouse and then to the children however, that may not comply with ones wishes. Also, if the proper estate planning is Read More

Planning for Same Sex Couples

Equal Rights Deserve Equal Protection LGBTQ couples can now choose to marry, but inconsistent recognition under the law and complex family dynamics—particularly interference from family members who do not support your sexuality or gender identity—pose significant threats to ensuring your wishes are carried out. At Russo Law Group, P.C., we are LGBTQ friendly and LGBTQ Read More

Pooled Trusts

Pooled Trusts allow individuals to protect eligibility for public financial assistance, such as Medicaid home care and SSI, while preserving their income and/or resources in trusts that can be used to pay for supplemental needs not covered by public assistance. In addition, since funds in these types of trusts are pooled for investment and management Read More


We understand how difficult it is to cope with the death of a loved one while trying to figure out probate and trust and estate administration. We have professional services available to help ease your burden. You can relax knowing that the job is being done right by people who care. We are here to Read More

Real Estate

In the good old days, a real estate lawyer or a real estate attorney was someone who represented you at the closing of your house. There is much more to this story. Your home is your castle, it’s not just mortar and bricks. It is your largest financial investment and it represents the even larger Read More

Retirement Planning

Social Security If you were born in 1929 or later and worked a minimum of 10 years, you are entitled to receive Social Security benefits.  Social Security benefits can begin to be collected at age 62.  However, if you decide to wait until your full retirement age, your benefit will be larger. To sign up Read More

Settlement Planning

If someone suffers an injury and needs care, the experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at Russo Law Group, P.C. can help you identify public assistance programs and understand eligibility requirements as well as make sure that those benefits are not lost after settlement of the case. At Russo Law Group, P.C., we also understand how important Read More

Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability (SSD) is available to individuals who have contributed to a Social Security Account. These individuals earn “quarters of coverage” based on their contributions. The required number of quarters an individual must work are five (5) out of the last ten (10) years. For a younger individual (under the age of 30), the Read More


  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act On December 22, 2017, with support of the House and the Senate, President Trump signed the largest tax law change since 1986, titled the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). With promises of simplified rules and index card-sized tax returns, this expansive tax reform has resulted in a Read More

Trust and Estate Litigation

Unfortunately, there is an increasing need to litigate matters in the world of trusts and estates so that a “just result” can be achieved. The trust and estate laws can be complex and there a myriad of laws, requirements and obligations involving family addressing estate matters. Last Wills and Testaments The first area to consider Read More

Veteran Benefits

Who qualifies for the Disability Benefit? The VA refers to the disability benefit as “compensation”.   Disability compensation is for those veterans with a service related disability or illness.  There are no limitations on the amount of income or assets you are allowed to keep. What is Aid and Attendance? There is another type of monthly benefit Read More