Wednesday, November 10 2010 15:34

Vincent J. Russo featured in Newsday’s “Ask the Expert” Column

Written by VJRussoLaw

My mom is 93 and in failing health. She has fallen twice in the past, and recuperated after 100 days in a nursing home. I’ve lived in her house with her since 1995. Recently, I’ve had to enlist a live-in attendant to care for her. What are the rules governing house ownership if she has to go into a nursing home? I have her health-care proxy.

Your mother can take legal steps that will preserve…

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Sunday, January 04 2009 16:46

Feds Target Grandma’s Medicaid

Written by Sue Tame

MSN.COM Liz Pulliam WestonCongress is making it a lot tougher to shield assets in order to qualify for government nursing-home coverage. That means more families could face huge bills and wiped-out inheritances.

Congress seems determined to wipe out welfare for the well-to-do — the practice of seniors artificially impoverishing themselves so they can qualify for government help with nursing-home expenses.


Tuesday, December 30 2008 20:34

Vincent J. Russo Answers Questions on Long Term Care

Written by C. Puffer

Vincent J. Russo was featured on the July 21, 2008 edition of the “The New Old Age” blog, recently launched by veteran journalist Jane Gross of The New York Times.

NYT Blog

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