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Introducing Kelly Piacenti, 2017 Theresa Award Honoree

When Kelly learned she was to receive this year’s Theresa Award, she experienced a wave of emotions. She was happy and honored, of course, but this was coupled with a sense that she was not a worthy recipient.

She is in awe of the work done by Vincent and Susan on behalf of children with special needs, and she felt her achievements paled in comparison. Obviously, we disagree. As you will see, Kelly stands as a shining example of what the Theresa Awards are all about.

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Meet H. Amos Goodall, Esquire, 2017 NAELA Theresa Award Honoree

Meet H. Amos Goodall, Esquire, 2017 NAELA Theresa Award HonoreeAttorneys who advocate for seniors and the disabled often cite a specific event or personal relationship as their inspiration. Amos’ aha moment came early in his career, when his mother-in-law told him she was selling her home. Asked why, she responded that she’d been told to do so by a man who was trying to sell her an annuity.

Amos investigated and discovered that the annuity was wholly inappropriate for a person in her situation and the sale of her home was unnecessary. Fortunately, Amos intervened before it was too late. He was able to structure his mother-in-law’s assets in such a way that she had enough to live on comfortably for the rest of her life. She was even able to put her grandson, Amos’ nephew, through college.

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Introducing Robert McGuire, 2016 Theresa Award Honoree

Introducing Robert McGuire - 2016 Theresa Award HonoreeThis year at the Theresa Awards, the Theresa Foundation is proud to recognize Robert “Bob” McGuire, the Executive Director of Cerebral Palsy Nassau (CP Nassau), as one of the 2016 honorees for his continued commitment to advocating and raising awareness for those with special needs.

CP Nassau is an independent, non-profit health agency serving over 1,800 children and adults with cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities. The Association, founded in 1948, operates a comprehensive Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Roosevelt, New York, which has earned international recognition for innovative and high-quality programs. Bob has worked at CP Nassau since 1982.

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