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What Is An “ABLE” Account?

Are you looking for a way to put away money to pay for expenses of a loved one with disabilities?  Then you should consider creating a New York “ABLE” account.  “ABLE” stands for “Achieving a Better Life Experience”.

To qualify for NY ABLE, the eligible individual must be a New York resident.

There are two ways to be considered an eligible individual.  Either:

    • a disability must be present before age 26, and the individual must be entitled to SSI or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) because of his or her disability, OR
    • a disability must be present before age 26 AND AT LEAST ONE OF THE FOLLOWING requirements must be met:
      • The individual has a written diagnosis from a lice
        nsed physician documenting a medically determinable physical or mental impairment which results in marked and severe functional limitations, that can be expected to last for at least a year or can cause death, OR
      • The individual is classified as blind (as defined in the Social Security Act), OR

Proof of eligibility isn’t required to open an account. However, eligible individuals should maintain a benefits verification letter, a record of diagnosis or other relevant documents should they need to prove eligibility at a later time. (

Each disabled individual can only have one ABLE account in their name.  That account cannot exceed $100,000.  If that account exceeds the $100,000, SSI benefits will be suspended until such time as the funds are spent down to $100,000.  Benefits will resume at that point.

At Russo Law Group, we are well aware of the benefits of an informed consumer, which is why we provide a comprehensive website with an abundance of information, as well as free seminars and webinars to educate the general public.

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