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What Should Your Estate Plan Be? What YOU Want it to Be

Your estate plan should be what you want it to be and you should consider charitable gift giving, leaving assets to your children in a protective way and planning when you or a loved one has a chronic or terminal illness.

A good number of my clients would like to leave a portion of their estate (even if it is a small amount) to one or more of their favorite charities but are stymied as to how to do it. Often, there is a concern that there may not be enough assets and income to take care of one’s immediate family if gifts are made to charities. The first step: determine what you can afford to give and to which charities you would like to help and in what way.

When it comes to the kids, we are hearing on a regular basis from our clients their concern about leaving assets outright to children (even adult children). These concerns vary from creditor problems to marital problems, concerns regarding how the monies will be spent and on what, concerns for children with an alcohol or drug addiction. And even concern that bad things can happen to good children with an alcohol or drug addiction. And even concern that bad things can happen to good children and grandchildren. In our office, we have developed the “Safe Trust” which will allow you to leave assets in the most protective way for your family, no matter what the situation. For a FREE brochure on our Safe Trusts, call us

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at 1-800-680-1717.

Finally, plan in advance and making sure you have a comprehensive plan that can make a huge difference for those who have a chronic or terminal illness. A well thought out plan can insure your assets are protected for you and your family to ensure the best quality of life.
Our experienced attorneys can sit down with you and figure out how to make it work for you and your family. We are there for you in these moments of crisis.

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