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Deep-Brain Stimulation Found to Benefit Early-Stage Parkinson’s Patients

A recent study has shown that when patients with early Parkinson’s disease who respond to drug therapy also receive deep-brain stimulation from an implanted medical device, they are more likely to gain improvement in their symptoms and quality of life.

Marking Parkinson's
Marking Parkinson’s (Photo credit: EMSL)

While brain stimulation is currently reserved for advanced Parkinson’s patients with severe complications, the finding suggests that patients at an earlier stage may gain more from the stimulation.

According to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, about 1.5 million Americans are currently living with Parkinson’s. This number is expected to double by 2030 because of the aging population.

The current drug treatment method for early-stage Parkinson’s patients typically loses its benefits after several years and can trigger serious side effects. This development in brain stimulation is a source of encouragement for early-stage Parkinson’s patients and their family, as well as the aging population in general.

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