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NYS Long Term Care Partnership Program Enters the World of Reciprocity

I don’t believe it, but NYS has joined the National Reciprocity Compact effective June 1, 2012.


What that means is that New Yorkers who are insured under a NYS Partnership Policy no longer will have to come back to New York for Medicaid coverage after the private insurance coverage runs out.


This will be a big selling point for seniors who are concerned about portability.  If a participant retires in another state, the participant does not want to be forced back to New York for the Medicaid component of the program.


Currently, New Yorkers have two options when they purchase a Partnership Policy: Dollar for Dollar Protection or Total Asset Protection.  There is reciprocity at the Dollar for Dollar level but New Yorkers who purchased the Total Asset Protection policy will be converted to Dollar for Dollar Protection in the other jurisdiction.  We will have to see how the conversion is determined.


There are currently about 40 states in the reciprocity program.  This protection is now afforded to all policy holders of Partnership policies retroactively.

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